General Question - Where can I pose a question for development (branch)?

Hi good people,

Thank you for your nice contribution and idea of this open source project. I recently started taking a closer look and tinker a bit with it so I started using the development branch. Is there a place where I can get some heads up or pose a question to others actively developing the project / working on dev?

Thanks again.


You can use Discourse here or Join Slack for a more casual chat.

In general we would like to have problems and possible fixes here as it is more persistant than slack.

Looking forward to hear from you



Thanks for the welcome.

I thought of Slack although I do not prefer it I guess it is the most practical solution in quick (casual) aligment - thanks.

My questions at this point essentially hover around understanding the project big picture - its architecture and what it does facilitates (or what it could). Of course I saw the map & features which are a good start but as soon as I dived in the code I felt the need of better map to understand the components /modules, their individual goals and functions which should be the start before understanding what and how to improve. It perhaps could also play a role in helping people understand what they could do / what solutions can be put in place or how far from what they envisioned this software is.

I stop my mumbling here :smiley: - let me know if I can be of any particular help (everyday work with js, python and advanced gnu linux user) otherwise I ll keep my general wandering throughout the project.


every help and contribution is welcomed!

maybe you can join slack for a nice chat. would be nice to get to know you. i am sure we have some open points that fit your skills.


Some architectural recommendations will be also appreciated.