Building light firmwares from source code


I am quite new to arduino but I am experienced programmer, so I might be missing something obvious.

When I check out source code and want to build it with Arduino IDE, I need some libraries for includes to work. Where I find which exact libraries and versions the code works with? i.e. for WiFiManager.h there is bunch of libraries called like that, and on top of it, each can have several versions. Is there anything like packages.json for Arduino.IDE that can automatically install relevant libraries, or a document with this list somewhere?

And, to avoid “install prebuild firmwares” answer - I already did it but I want to work on code, it takes minutes to boot with strip that is 920 leds long, and there is easy way to change that.


Look in Arduino library manager. For WiFi manager there are multiple libraries, search for WiFi manager by tzapu. ArduinoJSON is very popular, you cannot miss it (also NeoPixelBus by Makuna if you use neopixel strips)