Control multiple lights with custom ESP8266 remote

Hello guys,

I got diyhue together with a hue bridge 1, running for some time. Controlling a mix out of hue, diy, ikea lights. Because the remotes are quite limited with controlling multiple lights individually, I would like to build my own remote.

The esp8266 and keypad are running so far, but I’m wondering how I can control multiple lights without using groups. I think it wouldnt be possible to fake it as a hue remote, but sending custom actions via hard coded urls or something like that should work.

Now to my question, how can I control lights directly via http? I couldnt find anything in the documentations, but because you can control the lights easily via the webui of diyhue, it should be pretty easy.

Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thx in advance


Lights API can be saw here:

If you open development tools in your browser you can see the json that is send to the light from light web ui.

Maybe you find this interesting. The developer of this Remote is a active contributor for diyHue.