Could these MagicHome controllers be flashed with DiyHue firmware?

Hi, I have couple of these MagicHome RGB controllers and was wondering, if they can be flashed. I took one of them apart, and they have a ESP 8285 inside them, so theoretically it could be possible. Also they have exposed all of the pins needed to flash it, so the chances are high. Did anyone actually try this?
Here are photos of the controller: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


I have one of those flashed successfully. That was 2 years ago. I remember there where a issue with only 1MB of Flash. So you would need to adjust the Filesystem size. If i remember correct i think OTA was not possible.

Also i implemented a bit of the IR remote code to control those via the Color IR Remote

But in general: yes those can be flashed with diyhue firmware.

We never actually supported them officially. Dont have the code at hand right now but will have a look.

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Thanks! Can you send me the code when you’ll find it?

Sure! I am currently not near my Desktop but will check once i am back.

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Hi! Are you back by any chance? I’d love to try it out!

Hey my friend!

I am atually on a business trip for some time but i will try to login remote back home and get the code =)

I will attach some files i have been using back then. Please note those are from 2019 and i did not maintain it, nor use it active now.

IR-Sniffer.ino (636 Bytes)

Was used to decode the IR Remote codes to reimplement them on the esp8285.
IR-Sniffer was flashed onto a arduino Uno

RGB-8285-Firmware.ino (28.7 KB)

main firmware, based off of code relevant back then