DIYHue RGB Light Gui Color Picker

I’m able to connect to my New Hue RGB light’s GUI, I can turn it on/off, I can set the brightness, but I cannot set Color Temp or Color. Are these supposed to work when connected directly to the ESB8266’s wifi or can they only be changed via the Hue app?

They should work directly via web ui of esp8266.
make sure you have the latest version, there was a CDN URL Change recently. Updating the firmware might help.

A few questions…
Which sketch are you loading?
What type of LEDs do you have?
Is anything being shown on the screen that it thinks it’s changing but it really isn’t?
Do they change when you change them from the Hue Essentials app?

I’ve tried both “Generic_RGB_Light” and “Generic_WS2812_Strip” after downloading the Github repository today. Neither the compiled sketch or the pre-compiled bin files allows changing the Color or Color Temp from the on-device GUI. I can change both settings via the Hue Essentials app and the LEDs follow the changes but the ESP8266 GUI never changes nor does it display a slider/color-picker.

What kind of light/device is this?

Well, you didn’t answer what type of LEDs you’re trying to control. One of those sketches is for analog LEDs and the other is for Individually addressable LED strips. So, you will get very different results from each of them because they control different types of hardware. So, what type of LEDs are you trying to control?

Thanks to all who’ve offered assistance. The underlying issue was was a misunderstanding on my part. I’m using WS2812 LEDs and controlling them via Arduino Generic_WS2812_Strip. The lights respond correctly to changes made in the light’s GUI (tapping within the Color ‘wheel’ or Color Temp ‘slider’). What confused me is the lack of any indicator in the GUI to show what color or color temp was currently selected (i.e. no pointer).