Dig2go conversion - Microphone

Hello There,

Firstly thank you for creating and maintaining this product, its great! My main usage is to integrate with a product called GranBoard which is a dart board.

I’m going to be converting my dig2go device over to the DIYHUE Firmware and the only thing I’ll believe I’ll miss is the easy way that wled does music match using its internal mic.

I’ve been searching around and cannot find a 100% answer, but at this time does DIYHUE not make use of an internal mic? If not what would be the easiest way for me to have a mic which would allow sync with music?

My unit is a Denon X1300 and I don’t mind buying other devices to get the music match back, but hoping its a stand alone device and not a computer or something!

Diyhue does not use a mic.
What i use to sync with mussic is “hue disco”.
Its a app that use the phone mic.

Damn, that was what I was thinking.

The Digi2go has a built in mic which works better than the phone and makes it less messy.

My thoughts are I’m probably just going to go between flashes (diyhue for normal times and back to Wled for parties)

In the code for esp8266 you can add a mosfet to disconnec from esp.