DiyHue Beta : Cant setup Milight Bulbs?

I’m trying to add milight bulbs to diy hue beta.
I can add them manually, but I can not control them?
It works perfectly in the Stable version.
Yes I know I can just use the stable version, but would love to be able to control diy hue gradient strips.

anybody having same problem? and maybe have solved it?

Br. Jesper

Mi-Light Support needs to be added to this branch.
Stay tuned.
Kind regards

Ahh… ok. Any info about when to expect it to be added to the branch?

Thx :slight_smile:

Any update on the Milight implementation?

@mariusmotea do you know the current state?

@Mevel Milight is working fine now! The just looses state form time to time? But they work.