HELP! I'm so close! Hue Bulbs + Inovelli Switches -> Zigbee2Mqtt -> Home Assistant -> diyHue -> Hue App

First a thanks, Second my setup, third a problem :slight_smile:

thank you guys so much for diyHUE. I’m finally able to do exactly what I was hoping to be able to do… use the hue app to set great scenes in my rooms on hue lights that I have binded to zigbee switches. :astonished:

Second, an overview of my setup.

  • I have Hue Recessed Can lights in my rooms.
  • I’ve created a group in Zigbee2MQTT and enabled binding on these lights and an Inovelli 2-1 blue switch so that the response time on these lights is incredibly fast and works whether Zigbee2MQTT or Home Assistant is running or not.
  • I have these all these Zigbee2MQTT device going into Home Assistant
  • I have Home Assistant connected to diyHUE
  • I have diyHUE connected to the Hue App and have exposed these bulbs to the Hue App

Here’s a demo…!AjcUU9ZDJWosvd0UjlbUpERh7lKxJA?e=CYRywo

I have:

  • Server 1 running Unraid with Nginx as a docker container with my webserver stuff. Port 80 / 443 are designated to go here from my Unifi Network settings
  • Server 2 running Unraid with diyHUE / Zigbee2MQTT / Home Assistant / Plex as docker containers
  • diyHUE is running with a host network connection and the ip address and mac address have been set to the host machine since it’s running in Host.

Third, the problems:

  1. I can’t run diyHUE on br0. For some reason this doesn’t work with Home Assistant. Home Assistant appears to not be sending the websocket information back to the correct ipaddress (not sure, but the log shows an error and devices never show up). Hence the reason I’m running in Host Mode

  2. Because I’m also running Plex on this server (who already has port 1900) I have remapped port 1900 in diyHUE to port 2200 because port 1900 is taken by Plex and can’t be changed.

  3. The only way I can get diyHUE bridge to pair with the HUE app is to set the bridge up as local bridge only, i.e. NOT signing into the Hue App config and choose “skip” instead.

  4. Once paired, I can’t get lights to be discovered, the only way to discover them is to add them in the Hue Essential app (which does discover them automatically) and then close the Hue Essential app and open the Hue App

  5. At this point everything seems to work EXCEPT I can’t sign-in and enable remote hue access. If I try to sign-in my diyHUE bridge becomes lost according to the HUE app.

  6. Smaller problem, I can’t the correct ModelID for these Hue Recessed light cans. The Model should be LCD006 but this isn’t an option. If I manually set the lights to this in the configuration file then diyHUE won’t start.

I’ve been digging through forums / reddit / github for the last 6 hours trying to get this to work and can’t.

Any ideas / help is GREATLY appreciated.