Zigbee usb devices / home assistant / hue features

hi guys, i bought a usb zigbee adaptor. on homeassistant, the adaptor is working fine and i can pair with hue devices (switch, dimmer, sensors, lights). so i tried to do the same with diyhue, i do not think that this software is “zigbe usb enabled” it cannot detect anything. i was trying to find an alternative for hue because i have 52 lights, 12 dimmer, 8 taps and 7 sensors. so one bridge is not enough… and i wanted to have all devices merged into one place. so now im using 2 different hue account. with both bridges and i just keep swaping bridge in hue apps. BUT im using home assistant to configure hue accessories. i placed all accessories (tap, dimmer, senors, etc…) into the second bridge, and in home assistant, i can make it so accessories (hue app 1) can control lights on (hue app 2). i stumble on this project. so i decided to give it a try. wiped a rpi5, put on my zigbee usb dongle and tried to pair a tap switch. not working… so i guess that diyhue is not able to read my zigbee usb. the main reason why i want hut app, its because its working great but lacks memory and we are limited to a max devices/lights. home assistant was able to connect all my devices, BUT the blue color and stuff like that was not top shape and to be honest, the features of the hue apps surpasses homeassistant…

will there be a “roadmap” to include usb zigbee devices to this ported diyhue app ? so i could use all my devices on this RPI5/diyhue bridge?

best regards.