Help understanding "Import from Bridge" function

I have correctly set-up diyhue and my primary need was to be able to control my Yeelight bulbs using a smart dimmer and smart switch by Philips Hue. In one room I have a Yeelight, plus a Hue Light Bar - and I basically want to use the same switch to control both, without however losing functionality from the regular Bridge (which controls and has all Hue devices connected to).

I saw the Import from Bridge function.

-Will importing remove the lights and their control from the original Bridge (ie lose control of them from official Hue app)?

-Secondly, can I have a Switch control lights only through Hue Essentials - diyhue bridge, but also have these lights controlled by the normal Bridge (e.g. through Hue official app)? I suppose the import from Bridge function is my friend here, but I want to understand how it works first before I use it.

Importing means:

Import them into diyhue and control them.

diyhue → Bridge → Light

they wont be deletet or modified.

you can not import switches and sensors directly from the bridge as those are not accesibil.

hope that helps?!