Hue Emulator inconsistent in controlling Yeelights

I’m running hue-emulator on a raspberry pi 4 and 8 yeelight devices running latest firmware (1.4.2_0050) that have static assigned IP’s and are currently added to hue-emulator. I am encountering a problem when attempting to turn on lights all lights (8), or all lights (3) in a group i.e. Living Room from the DiyHUE Light Control UI or Hue app in which only some of the lights would turn on. I am able to turn on/off repeatedly all lights from within the YeeLight app. Directly from the PI, I ran a packet capture for port 55443 traffic while turning on ALL (8) lights from DiyHUE UI and there were only 4 packets containing the “set_power” method which coincided with only 4 lights turning on. However there are lots of get_prop requests and . The config.json file contains all 8 lights with the correct static IP addresses. I have turned off all lights and restarted hue-emulator service and retried however the behavior persists.

What is the probable cause for performing functions such as powering on all devices being sporadic?

Probably due to yeelight api rate limits.

Even though other apps that call the API are able to control all lights with consistent results?

What are those other apps? The Yeelight app uses some special api that doesn’t have rate limits.

Regarding 4 packets being transmitted… That seems peculiar.

Google Home and Apple Home apps. I’ve since removed them yet same inconsistent issue. I’ve also sent the commands directly to the API