Need help with a diyhue, Deconz, Hue, Tradfri dockerized infrastructure

I really need a helping hand here:
Hardware to work with: Rock64 with Ayufan Debian 10, Phoscon Conbee II, several Ikea Tradfri lights, a few Ikea motion sensors, a Philips Hue Go and a Philips Ambilight TV.

Goal: to mash up everything centralized in neat containers around diyhue. All the lights and sensors connected to the Deconz, handed over to diyhue, so everythings acts up as a Philips Hue system. Then set up the TV with its Ambilight + Hue feature. In the future a home automation system like OpenHab or ioBroker would be nice as well.

Status Quo (that´s the bitter and harsh reality): Deconz and diyhue all running already in a container. The lights are setup, so are the sensors. Linking diyhue to Deconz only the sensors are showing up, no lights in the diyhue GUI. The Philips App finds the diyhue emulator but won´t connect, neither does the Hue Go. Hue Essentials will find the lights and the sensors. The TV finds the gateway and the lights and connects. Linking it with a specific light that lights miraculous shows now up on the diyhue GUI, but only this one.

Problems: No lights get recognized by diyhue. Hue Go won´t connect to diyhue.

I hope this all does make sense. Maybe someone here could push me in the right direction to achieve my goal. Of course I could provide more information about the setup right now, logs, ports, docker container versions, etc.