Tradfri Motion Sensor (via Deconz) not working

Hey guys,

already mentioned it in one of the slack channels but still got it not to work.

Setup: Just updated my docker container to a0248c42b1af (1 day old), deleted my config.json and started from scratch. I do have:

4x ESP2866 light strips
1x Tradfri light bulb (deconz import)
1x Tradfri switch (deconz import)
1x Tradfri motion sensor (deconz import)

I can find all my lights and diyHue does import both my switch and my motion sensor and i can see them in at

what does not work?

by opening my diyHue webgui deconz setup ( i see both my switch and my motion sensor. By clicking on Save, diyHue crashes and spits out the following exceptions:

i already deleted the motion sensor in deconz and readded it (and then started diyHue from scratch again) but nothing changes. The Tradfri switch settings do save and do work.

EDIT: i can see the sensor in the philips hue app but if i select it, it shows me a loading screen which stays forever. No errors.

Tradfri Motion sensors are directly emulated to Regular Motion sensors in the Hue app once imported from Deconz.

We are currently experiencing some bugs with the Sensor Setup in combination with most recent Hue App. Did you try Hue essentials?

From your logs it seams the import was not successfuly. You miss on sensor key and it is probably because of a bug that was fixed few days ago. You need to remove the sensor from config to be imported again, but i think is more easy to restore the factory configuration by accessing /factory-reset path of the emulator host in any browser.

i did update the docker image yesterday, so it should include the newest code, right?
i also did start with a completely fresh config so diyHue did reimport the sensor.

i also use hue essentials but honestly i think its not as good and clean to use as philips hue. how do i proceed after the automatic import of the sensor? in the webgui i can select

  • internal
  • astral
  • combined
  • none

what does that mean and do i have to configure the sensor in the app?

Tradfri Motion Sensor do not need to be configured in the /deconz webui from hue emulator. You can modify them directly in the app.

Tradfri Motion Sensor has a problem and from what i know Deconz did not introduce any workaround. On motion detection it send the last know light state which means the next day when you enter in the room even if is powerful sun outside the lights will still turn on. As workaround i introduce these 4 mods.

  • internal = use the annoying light sensor
  • none = always turn on the lights
  • astral = use the astral library instead on the light sensor
  • combined = recommended one, use both astral and internal light sensor (light sensor is used only if it was reporting last data in last 15 minutes).
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thank you mariusmotea. Going to decide after i got it working xD
Can i configure it in hue essentials as well as in philips hue? (if it works)

in Hue Essentials you have even more options. In official app there is only day and night as options.

okay, i started all over again because my SDcard of my pi died. And it still does not work. its frustrating.
same result: i can add the sensor and it is detected in the philips hue app as well as in hue essentials but in the philips app the settings of the sensor dont load BUT

in the essentials app i can configure the sensor with the problem that it triggers always like 30sek. zu late and the “test motion” menue does always show “no motion detected” even if the sensor is sitting in front of me.

maybe is the sensor defective?

EDIT: and phoscon tells me 60% battery left even tough i used the sensor only for like 2 wooks only for testing.

EDIT2: Okay, now it seems to work sometimes. looks promising. thank you guys :slight_smile:

i order one Hue Motion Sensor just for testing so i hope soon i will provide better emulation of all other motion sensors