No detection of Tasmota / mqtt

Hi all,
i have installed the latest version yesterday on a Raspberry 2. This Raspberry is connected to wired network and has a static IP.
I have several lamps and power plugs which are all flashed with Tasmota 10.1.0
All of them are connected via wifi. The Hue emulation mode is enabled and they are also connected to a mqtt server. I configured in config.json mqtt. But i don’t find this lamps / plugs in any way in diyhue. Is there a trick? As far as i understood autodicover should find them in the one or other way. In theories i have three ways but no one is working. Any idea?
With fhem i can control them with mqtt… so basically i can reach them in a way.


hey Chris!

What Topic and prefix are you using? is the topic adress correct?

Hey Mavel,
i think so. Here is my config.json part:

    "mqtt": {
        "discoveryPrefix": "LSC",
        "enabled": true,
        "mqttCaCerts": null,
        "mqttCertfile": null,
        "mqttKeyfile": null,
        "mqttPassword": "",
        "mqttPort": 1883,
        "mqttServer": "",
        "mqttTls": false,
        "mqttTlsInsecure": true,
        "mqttUser": ""

And this is what i have in Tasmota:

topic: LSC_GU10_10
full topic: LSC/%topic%/

To be honest i am not a mqtt expert but with Fhem i am able to connect. Or is it necessary to have a specific perfix and topic


I found the error. nmap was not installed… Tasmota devices are now detected.
MQTT is still not working but ok.

However i can only set RGB colours. Not warmwhite or the normal light. Is there a trick how to do this?

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make sure the prefix is the same as in diyhue bridge.
if homeassistant is enable the prefix is homeassistant
i would suggest to make a “topic” search with wildcard character “#”