HA Zigbee2mqtt setup light discovery

Hi everyone,

I have diyHue running on a dedicated RPi 3B+. HomeAssistant with Zigbee2mqtt (v1.22.2-1) and Mosquitto broker (v6.0.1) are running on another RPi 4B, using a SmartLight CC2652P Zigbee USB adapter.

I have a working zigbee network with 27 devices fully functioning, including Xiaomi (MiJia + Aqara) devices, such as power plugs, temp+hun sensors, switches; some Shelly devices; Lidl (Silvercrest + Livarno) devices, including some power plugs and 2 GU10 RGB spots; and 2 original Hue White and Color Ambiance GU10 spots.

As written in the supporting documents, I added the mqtt details in the diyHue config.json file. In the Mosquitto log I can see the diyHue connecting to the broker:

1641375626: New connection from on port 1883.
1641375626: New client connected from as auto-92541307-472F-4809-3236-0249029A7E91 (p2, c1, k60, u’mosquitto’).

In Zigbee2mqtt, the homeassistant flag is set to ‘true’ and I can see the auto discovery messages when using MQTT Explorer, including my 2 Lidl and 2 Hue spots and a group made out of the 2 Lidl spots.

In Hue Essentials I can correctly link my diyHue instance, but when I search for the lights, only one Lidl RGB spot is discovered and it has the label “unknown” so I can’t control it through the app. My 2nd Lidl RGB spot and the group containing the two, neither my original Hue spots are discovered.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be?
Thanks in advance!

Maybe important to add: my final goal is to link the two Hue spots to my Philips Ambilight TV :wink:

I think the problem is that those Lidl Lights are not yet supported in diyHue and not emulated into known Bulbs for Hue Essentials.

What lights are you using?

Remark: Entertainment mode wont work via zigbee2mqtt

The type is HG06106A. The strange thing is that everyting works fine through zigbee2mqtt, but
only 1 out of 2 is shown in Hue Essentials (and then even labeled “unknown”). Also my two genuine Hue spots are not shown, although fully functioning through zigbee2mqtt.

Meanwhile I gave up. Next to my zigbee2mqtt-setup, I now bought an original Hue hub to link the Hue lights with my ambilight TV.

Thanks for your help anyhow!