VM HA - DIY Hue - Cannot Activate

Greetings. I am excited to be part of the DIY Hue community. I recently installed DIY Hue on my HA, configured as a VM. I can find the bridge immediately in the Hue app but activating from the DIY Hue front end does not “connect” to the Hue app on iOS. I simply see the normal Hue press hub animation.

I first referred to the help docs and read this forum post but I have my ports and MAC address set up correctly, I think.

I deleted Hue from iOS and reinstalled, still having the same issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


To help find a solution we would need some logs. Also what version of diyhue are you using?

maybe we can find some hints in the logs while pairing is started.

please post them here to go further =)