Yeelight Crystal long name and problem with upper light


I get today an Yeelight Crystal.
I add the lamp to diyhue. This works. It found the downlight and the upper light.
First Problem is the name of the upper light. It is to long and I don’t know how to change it. I try it with the Hue app, but it didn’t work.
Next is the lamp itself. I want to make a new group in Alex with the upper and down light, but after I save the profil, it change the uppet light automaticaly to another one.
With alex it is not possible to control only the uppet one means down is off and only the upper one is on. With Alexa is also not possible to change the color. The brightness can only reset to 99%. If I try 100% the command is ignored.
Then I saw another problem, I have also the Rademacher homepilot and there is no update of the new Yeelight.
I hope somebody have a hint.
Thanks al lot.