Alexa & diyhue integration

Hey all,

I’m having a bit of a strange issue with Alexa integration and diyhue; I’ve had to re-join a couple of my bulbs to the zigbee network because for some reason they became unavailable.

Trying to get Alexa to see the “new” bulbs is proving difficult, I’ve removed the “old” bulb from the Alexa app, but when I scan for new devices no new devices are found.
I’ve tried to do the “Authorize App from Phoscon” and I’ve tried to do the Hue Link Button & neither are working.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before and it worked … or I’m going mad :wink:

What is the procedure others are using/following to get Alexa to play nicely with diyhue?

For reference my setup is as follows:

Raspberry Pi 4
USB DeCONZ Conbee II adapter
Phoscon App (Open Wireless Light Control (2016))

If anyone could point out the “proper” way of doing this, I would be grateful.


Are you having trouble finding the bulbs in DIYHue (Hue App or Hue Essentials) or the Alexa app? Because I too cannot find bulbs in Hue Essentials after adding them to Deconz. This has just started recently.

My issue was purely with the Alexa app; everything else (DIYHue, Phoscon & Hue App) is working perfectly.

Does the beta branch work?