Adding a devcie already connected to zigbee2mqtt (Dimmer Switch)

So my setup looks like this:

CC2531 -> mosquitto -> zigbee2mqtt -> diyhue

I’m trying to use Hue devices with it. Adding lights works out of the box, but I can’t connect my Dimmer Switch.

The Dimmer is paired with zigbee2mqtt almost instantly when both are on pairing mode. zigbee2mqtt also recognizes button presses correctly. The problem is that I can’t pair the Dimmer with diyhue and I think it’s because it’s already paired with zigbee2mqtt, which doesn’t seem to sync connected devices.

The question is, is there a way to manually add a device to diyhue which is already connected to zigbee2mqtt?
I’m also thinking about submitting an issue in the GitHub repo about this.

Actually, nevermind. I just saw that the docs say that it isn’t supported yet.

Is there any news on this?