Problems connecting hue dimmer switch

I’m trying to connect a Hue dimmer switch to diyHue for use with the official Philips Hue app, but I can only get it to work partially.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspbian and have installed diyHue with the “Automatic host install” method and the service is running. I use a Conbee II USB-stick, so I have installed deCONZ as well and connected it succesfully to diyHue.
I can successfully connect to the diyHue bridge with the official Philips Hue app and the Hue Essentials app and I can see my Yeelights that were automatically added in both apps. So far so good.

Now I want to connect my official Hue dimmer switch, but both the Philips Hue and Hue Essentials apps can not find it when scanning (orange light is blinking after 2s reset). So I have tried to add it in deCONZ (after holding the reset for 10s as instructed) and I could successfully add it and it is recognized as a Philips Dimmer switch.
In the Hue Essentials app the Hue dimmer switch is now available and I can add actions to the buttons, but in the official Philips Hue app the dimmer switch doesn’t show up.

What did I do wrong or what is the proper way to add a Hue dimmer switch to diyHue, so I can use it with the official Philips Hue app? For now I would like to keep using the official Philips Hue app, but if I can’t add Hue dimmer switches in the app or through deCONZ it is useless. I hope someone can help! :sweat_smile:

Why can’t you use the Hue Essentials to assign the buttons?

But you can, in Hue Essentials. I don’t understand why it’s useless?

As diyHue is emulating a Hue bridge I expected the official Philips Hue app to recognize the Hue dimmer switch too, but it doesn’t.
So either I added the Hue dimmer switch incorrectly (and I would like to know the correct way to add it to diyHue), or using diyHue with a Hue dimmer switch and the official Philips Hue app is impossible (and I’ll have to use an alternative app like Hue essentials). The documentation doesn’t answer either question, therefore my question here :wink:

I meant the Philips Hue app is useless if I can’t program the Hue dimmer switch.

I understand using something that does work (like the Hue Essentials app) is a good workaround, but I simply want to understand why it doesn’t work the official app.

Did you connect the hue emulator and deconz as described in the docs? You need to authorize diyhue emulator to connect to websocket port of deconz.

I believe the docs are out of date on this subject (see this link), because “Open network” in settings is no longer available. The deCONZ user interface has apparently changed since the docs were written.

After some Googling I discovered that the old user interface can still be accessed with a different url:
http://{diyhue bridge IP}:8080/index.html?v=2.05.74

or if you want to connect diyHue and deCONZ in the new interface:
Login to Phoscon App: http://{diyhue bridge IP}:8080 and on the Main page select the three horizontal stripes in the top left corner > Click on Gateway (left menu) > Click on Advanced (bottom) and on the next screen Authenticate app

In the meantime I have added all my 5 Hue lights, 1 Hue lightstrip, 1 IKEA smart bulb, 1 IKEA smart plug, 2 Hue dimmer switches and 2 IKEA Tradfri on/off switches to diyHue through deCONZ and in Hue Essentials app everything is found and works (also 5 Yeelights) great, but in the official Philips Hue app still only the lights show up.

I have decided to use the Hue Essentials app as it offers a lot more functionality, so it’s no longer really a problem. But I’m still not sure why it won’t work with the official app.

If the author of the docs is reading this, please update the documentation for deCONZ and if possible include some screenshots as well. It’ll take newcomers a lot of time to figure everything out, for some probably too much time. Which is a shame, because if you get it all working it’s absolutely worth the effort! :+1:t2:

I had a simmilar issue today. Will check on it again.

As I mentioned in my other topic, I uninstalled the diyHue service and did a docker installation (and imported my config.json) and everything works the same as before. Still no switches (Hue or IKEA) show up in the official Hue app, only in Hue Essentials.