Adding LIFX Bulbs to diyHuy

I know there was a previous issue submitted for support of LIFX bulbs. I would like to contribute by adding that support however I cannot figure out a way to add support in diyHue. I have been looking at how yeelight was added and following that model. Is there some documentation regarding how to add a new type of lighting protocol I could follow. Thank you in advance.


Basically you need to create a new protocol file in the lights/protocols folder. This protocol file need to have one function to sent the lights stated to the bulb, one to read them (optionally) and another to discover and automatically add the lights (optionally). Once you are able to control a LIFX bulb the main task will be to convert the HUE values to LIFX. In Hue you have bool on, brightness between 1 and 254, color temperature (mireds) from 153 to 500, xy (CIE) or hue/sat for colors. In general we have all examples in other protocols. I recommend you to join Slack channel for much faster replies.