Sync between deconz/phoscon and diyHue

I’ve got deconz running with a conbee 2 together with diyHue on a single vm.

Connection is working so far, but I’m not sure how the sync between the two is supposed to be. Initial devices I added in via the phoscon interface, are properly ported to the diyHue on the intial setup.

But how do you add new lights/switches into that setup? When I add them via deconz/phoscon they dont appear on the diyHue “bridge” in the smartphone app. Is this an error or the normal behavior? How do you guys add new stuff to diyHue together with deconz?

I think I found the “correct” way. So when you already setup the connection between deconz and diyhue, there seems to be no automated updating between the two.

So in order to learn a new device, you do it via the phoscon webui. After the device is properly connected you can start in the hue essentials app with the diyhue as bridge configured a light search. The app says that no device is found, but this lights search seems to trigger a sync between deconz and diyhue.

So after you did the light search in the app, you can see the new device in the list. Hope this helps others. Maybe this hint could also be implemented into the documentation?

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