Trying to get diyHue running again

I’m trying to get my diyHue useful again, I did have it so the official Hue app could see my non Phillips bulbs and work. But then I moved my Hue to the same network the diyHue is one and things quit working. I have a Raspbee connected to my pi, I think I have deconz setup correctly…or at least followed the directions. The Hue app won’t see the diyHue if i try and add a new bridge and it says the old one I had connected( same ip) needs an update. Did Phillips update something and now is no longer compatible?

Currently a new official software version is rolled out by Hue. diyhue uses this only to emulate a bridge version. New Version can imply different API and may break things if diyhue is not (yet) capable of processing the new API.

You can manually edit the swversion in the config (stop container / service first)!

Use version “1941132080”

If the certificate is “old” you need to delete the app cache on android or reinstall the iOS app.

Thanks I’ll try that.

It’s been a while, but I was finally able to get back with tinkering with this. I’m running diyHue from the docker image, is it still possible to edit the swversion of the config? I’m guessing I have to build the container myself then, not download it.