Connect DIYHUE to SignalRGB

I´m new here and I have just installed the diyhue-addon in Home Assistant.
I’ve linked it to the Hue Essentials app (but I hav´nt been able to link its to the the Hue-app) and created an entertainment area that works with an homebuilt ESP8266-lightstrip.

My goal is to sync this light strip with the software SignalRGB in my sons gaming PC.
But in SignalRGB I can only see my original Hue-GW, not the DIYHUE-GW.

I found in some SignalRGB-docs that you could check for availableGW´s on:
In my case it only shows the “real” Hue-GW:

Does any one have any suggestions on how to move forward with this?

We don’t have any access to Hue cloud services and we cannot make diyhue data to show there. Workarounds to other apps was to cut temporary the internet and the service fallback to local lan discovery. Hue app and Hue Sync will not pair if you did not specified the mac address correctly or you have multiple interfaces and the init script picked the wrong interface.