Setting up Hue Sync app (PC) with diyhue

To use Hue Sync app (PC) follow these instructions

Prelimenary recommeded actions:

  1. Delete Hue Sync app (if installed)
  2. Look for Hue Sync folders in locations such as
  • C:\Users\*yourPC’sName*\AppData\Local
  • C:\Users\*yourPC’sName*\AppData\Roaming
  • C:\Program Files

Delete those Hue Sync folders.reinstall Hue Sync

or press Win+R and type %appdata% press Enter

(Re)installing diyhue:

If you already have diyhue docker installed:

sudo docker stop diyHue - to stop diyhue docker
sudo docker rm diyHue - to remove diyhue docker
sudo docker image rm diyhue/core:latest - to remove previous docker image

Install new version

sudo docker run -d --name diyHue --restart=always --network=host -e MAC=‎XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -v /mnt/hue-emulator/export:/opt/hue-emulator/export diyhue/core:latest

Download Hue Sync app here (currently PC only)

confirmed versions:

Install Hue Sync app from the link above, run it and after it finds the bridge press “connect”.

  1. Access your diyhue ip adress/hue/linkbutton
  2. Authorize using default

login: Hue
password: Hue

  1. Press Activate button
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General Note:

Hue Introduced a new Protocoll with latest swversion and Hue Sync 1.5.x.
The Protocoll is currently reverse engineered.
This will take some time.
We Recommend the abbove method until the new versions can be used.

Stay tuned !

Is there any updates?

The Flask Branch currently has a implementation of the new API.
Means the code works and needs to be incorporated into the current dev.

Also we need testers before we can launch it into the master. =)

I’ve problems with new version of Hue Sync for PC (Windows) so I found older version of app on subreddit thread


So like it’s describe in post, first you should remove Hue Sync app from your PC, then delete config files from %appdata%/HueSync and %appdata%/../Local/HueSync after that install older version from exe file also don’t update it until diyHue will support new protocols :slight_smile:

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Does DIY hue need to be hardwired, or will this work on WIFI? None of those versions detect my DIYhue bridge (which is on wifi), only my original Hue bridge…

I would be happy to test - how would i Install the Flask branch?

you can use the install method described in the docs for the automatic install script and choose in the promt or use the docker tag flask

edit: Flask Branch has been renamed to beta

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You can use any Network interface. Just make sure you select the correct one (incl. MAC adress) because Original Apps need a certificate generated with the Interface Macadress.

In docker make sure you pass the Macadress as ENV Variable. In Host install script select the correct Interface if you have multiple.

Hi all,

I did experience the same issues when connecting to Hue Sync 1.5 / 1.6.
So I did some network sniffing to see what’s going on.
Might be related to my setup, but what I noticed was that the SSDP responses took too long…

So I did 2 things in my diyhue branch:

  • add an MDNS listener as an alternative to ssdp to discover the diyhue bridge
  • reduce the sleep time of the SSDP

I used the beta branch btw:

I can now work with Hue Sync 1.6 without issues and my Ambilight TV now also detects my bridge (which didn’t work before due to the missed SSDP respones :stuck_out_tongue: )


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Thanks @Thomas-86 . Your changes where added to beta repository.

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You’re welcome!
Happy to help out! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, how’s it going? how do you add the OpenRGB system to diyhue?

OpenRGB supports Hue.
As we adhere to the standard API you can connect diyHue just as you would connect a Hue bridge.

I can add it on Hue Sync v1.3.4.3 if I use the latest docker image.

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Hello guys. Is this working with samsung and the hue sync app to? That would be awesome, so you have a good capture and can build your one Ambilight but not ao expensive like direct from Phillips.