DIYHue Bridge + ESP8266 + Ws2811 + Hue App Samsung TV


The problem is: I installed WLED with the ESP8266 and can control/segment the WS2811 strip without any problem. I noticed that if I link and account from Hue on the official app it will say that the DIY bridge was not found so, I made the entertainment areas without loggin in the app and in the TV, the new area appears. So far so good from here.

The problem is that I have 4 segments, right top left bottom, that when I configure the entertainment area I put them on each corresponding side. Here in this configuration view, each segment has his own colour based on the image showed here. Everything is good, but when I turn on the Sync from the TV all the segments (based on I dont know what) take the same colour. No matter where I’m on the TV, it takes some random colour that is showing and put all the strip in that colour.

I dont know what I’m doing wrong since I could achieve a perfect ambient light using HyperHDR and content from my PC. I know this is kind different because I’m using DIYHue + Hue Mobile App + Samsung TV Hue App, but I dont know where im failing.

Thanks in advance.