Connect to the linkbutton ip_address

Hello I am setting up diyHue. I am unsure what the {IP_ADDRESS} is referenced with http://{IP_ADDRESS}/hue/linkbutton? Is this the ip of the Raspberry Pi with the docker container?

Thank you for your help

It depends on how you set up your container. If you set it up using the host network option then yes, it will be the IP of your Pi.

Thank you. I moved the installation to an Odroid C2 running Ubuntu. Everything now works. I found that i only had to enter the ip of the Odroid. I was connected to the hub, and able to activate.

Thank you for your help.

It should be the IP of the host device in any configuration. Not necessarily host mode.

If you are use macvlan mode wouldn’t it be the IP address assigned to the container?

That is true. I was thinking of just bridge and host mode.