Controlling blinds as simulated light bulb

Hi there,

I am considering a “less hub is better” approach for my home and thinking about the window blinds or shades. Those could be considered as variable light bulbs (as far at there is daylight), so I was thinking making a ESP light that is actually the shade.

The shades are switch type motor controlled, non-smart,
the light intensity could be the position,
but I think the shade position still should be registered somehow.

I would be glad to hear Your opinion on the topic if You are interested too.

You can use generic brightness sketch and instead to set the pwm of the gpio pin to the light you can set the motor position. Must not be hard to implement.

Thank You.
While I am waiting for parts I decide if I use a radio controlled shutter vs. a switch type.
From ESPhome is seems like both is possible.