Multiple WS2812B Strips

I currently have one WS2812B strip connected to an ESP8266 and it is working correctly.

When I look at the web interface of DIY Light, there is a LightCount section there, and I understood that DIYLIght can control multiple LED strips.
For example, if I want to use three LED strips, to which pin on the ESP8266 should I connect the DIN pin of each strip?
Or is there a place to set them in the source code?

thank you

That is not what that functionality is for. That is to divide the LED strip that is connected to the board into multiple lights within the system. So, if you were to have a string of 100 lights you could divide it into 4 “lights”, each being 25 LEDs for example. Some of the newer sketches allow you to set the length of each section. This way, if you are using the strips for under-cabinet lighting for example, you could light only under a specific cabinet if you wanted.

So, if you wanted to control multiple strips, you would have to have them connected end-to-end and wire them as a single strip and then set each strip up as a separate “light” in the sketch. Or you could just use a separate ESP board. Depending on where your strips are located, this might be easier than trying to wire them end-to-end.

Thank you
I was able to understand.
it works very fine.
thank you