Creating a virtual light / lightstrip


I want to use WLED with diyhue. Because it cant be discovered natively by the bridge but can sync to an existing light I wanted to ask if it is possible to create a virtual light or lightstrip where WLED can sync into. If yes how do I do that?


You can’t create a virtual light in DIYHue. There is no WLED integration currently for DIYHue. You would have to either modify the code of DIYHue to add it as a type or create a custom WLED sketch that would also accept the same commands that are sent to DIYHue compatible ESP8266 devices. Like in the DIYHue/Lights repository on github.

Ok that’s sad. I just thought it’s easy to just create a dummy light of specific type which stores it’s light and color information in a file. WLED can discover and sync to that dummy.

There was some wled integration at some point, but I think is legacy. Dummy lights are possible, but the sync process will be complicated this way.