Using WS2812 ledstrip and integrated TV Hue Sync app

Hi everyone !

I recently acquired a very nice (huge) Samsung TV, which has the Hue Sync app integrated. Because of the size of this TV (85"), I’d like to go the route of the DIYHue and use regular WS2812 ledstrip to create an ambilight type setup.

I have both Wemos D1 Mini and ESP12S and ESP32 modules at my disposal (or I can buy any suitable replacement). I can also compile from source if needs be (using VSCode and PlatformIO).

From what I’ve read, ESP8266 seems the way to go, but a few questions:

  • I intend to use 60l/m ledstrip. Given the size of the TV, this amounts to a total of 360 leds. I’ve used Wemos D1 Mini in the past to control more than that (a matrix type display of about 560 leds), but in the scope of Hye Sync, would you foresee any issue ? Should I upgrade to ESP32, and for that matter, does the automated flasher (pretty neat tool by the way) support ESP32 ?

  • I’m not sure I understand how to create a Hue Sync compatible ledstrip (similar to these Hue Play Gradient strips that are available and cost about 200 euros, if not more - not to mention they are not available for 85" dimension). How many led/m is an official Hue Play Gradient ?

  • diyHue documentation has several options for WS2812, what is WS2812_Gradient vs WS2812_Strip ? Some of the tutorial seem to indicate a notion of variable pixel length when using gradient, vs fixed number of led when using strip, this is not quite clear to me , so what is this notion of LED lights on a ledstrip in my use case above ?

  • Can the integrated Hue Sync application accomodate longer ledstrip (ie does it have an option to calibrate corners) ?

  • Given the number of leds (and the associated issues with power), I believe it would be best if I was actually using two ledstrip, with starting point at the middle of the bottom of the screen, one going left, one going right (so each about 180 leds). Can this be configured in this way ?

Hi! A little to late .
I use 125 LEDs with a single Wemos D1 Mini, and external power without issue.
I think the ESP32 it’s not supported.

Gradient_TV_Strip_WS2812.bin, already segmented in 7, you select the length for each segment (no corner calibration, it’s manual).

Maybe inject 5v midway?


I bought an Samsung TV too with tizen os that has the official Hue Sync app. Since with the phone and the official app have trouble with the bridges if you login with an account, do you find the app tv has this issue or you could sync them without any problem? (I mean de DIYBridge and the TV Hue sync)

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