Which firmware for a Four sided Ambilight DIY setup

Im planning on buying a Samsung TV with the Hue Sync Feature. Can someone please tell me how I have to configure the diyhue in order to get a four sided ambilight with custom LED stripes on the back of the TV? I flashed some ESP8266s for test purposes and connected them with diyhue. In the official HUE app, I can create an entertainment area and the esp is recognised as a gradient strip and is attached to the tv automatically. But how can I add the fourth side (bottom)? My goal is to achieve something like this: Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV - Scenes, Effects, Entertainment - Hue Essentials Community
Do I need two esps for that application? And which firmware should I chose for the second (bottom) strip?
If ive misunderstood something please tell me.
Thanks in advance