Does diyHue support Hue Entertainment mode?

Does diyHue support Hue Entertainment mode?

There is another topic (Hue Entertainment without official Products?) that discusses this but I’m not sure it’s current information.

Basically I’m hoping for the following setup:

(Hue App) → diyHue → Hue Bridge → Hue Bulbs
(Hue App) → diyHue → WLED

I’d like to use Hue Entertainment mode for low latency though.

diyHue can use the entertainment Function.

The key here is that the Endpoint and transmittion needs to be fast enought.

Zigbee transmision is fast but not as fast as the propiatary Hue implementation.

Thats why we recommend ESP8266 + LEDS.

However the “slow” way is still fast just not “realtime” fast.
give it a try and let me know if we can further assist you