Hue Entertainment without official Products?

Hi, have a LIGHTIFY LED Strip i would like to use as Hue Entertainment light Source within diyhue (i know that the Entertainment API ist faster than this Strip can do). Is that easily possible or does it only work with original “friendsofhue” products? It doesn’t matter that it will be slower than the original products but i like to use the Razer Synapse Software to connect the diyhuebridge with it for my hobby DJ Studio to bring some lights into the music :slight_smile:

I have connected the diyhue with a original hue bridge and there is the LIGHTIFY Strip connected to. i hope you can understand what i’m meaning. Actually the App don’t let me create a entertainment area because no supported lights are found. i hoped diyhue can emulate this for me?

Thanks and greetings, fly.

Osram will drop support as of 2021.
Zigbee and entertainment function is not working really good. Philips uses a special protocoll for that, that is not public.

Entertainment function via original Hue bridge does not work as i remember.

Entertainment Function works with ESP8266 based controllers best.