How Do I Install This On Home Assistant running on VMWare?

I’m trying to eliminate as many ethernet hardware ports as possible from my network setup. The Hue Hub is one of the last thing I want to try and get rid of, but I would rather not have to replace the Hub with another Pi. I have a zigbee stick plugged in and running, I just can’t figure out how to install diyhue to Home Assistant. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. Youre my only hope.

Assuming you run home assistant on a Linux vm, you simply install diyhue via docker or natively via install Skript. This will emulate the bridge and home assistant can use the original hue integration to connect to it.

Zigbee lights can be implemented with the deconz software and conbee hardware by Dresden Elektronik. Should run all side by side on your vm without problems.