Hue bridge not connecting to bridge

Sorry probably being dim. Hue app finds diy bridge but doesnt connect. When I look at the SSL settings the default cert doesnt appear to meet the standards defined in the documentation i.e. the issuer is “CN =NL; o=Philips Hue; CN=fffe”.
I thought the full last CN needed to match the bridgeid?
So is this supposed to work out of the box or do I need to generate another cert?

You are pressing the virtual link button in DIYHue when setting up in the Hue App?

Hi - thanks for the reply. Yes I am. The Hue app finds the hub. When I click connect on the phone / activate button on dithue the Hue IOS app looks for a bit and then returns “no hue bridge found”.

I guess before I go any further on a default install why does the pre-generated cert not appear to conform to the rules in the install documentation. Unless I am reading it wrong :slight_smile:

I tried the docker install. Still doesnt work with the official app. My MAC address is 00:50:16:51:53:c1 - not sure why the cert generated MAC address strips the leading zeros i.e.the CN is 5016fffe5153c1.

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree

Yes, I believe you are. Are you able to add the bridge to the Hue Essentials app? I had the same problem with my bridge a while ago. The only solution I found was to rebuilt it from scratch with a fresh config file. But if yours is new, that shouldn’t be a problem. Have you cleared the data within the hue app itself on your phone as well?