Slyvania Zigbee light

Does anyone know if the raspbee and deconz module only see zigbee light link? Or can it see zigbee HA too? I have a Slyvania zigbee light and I was hoping that DiyHue would be able to control it with the Hue app. They are way cheaper, but use the home automation protocol instead of the light link one.

It supports both ZHA 1.2 and ZLL devices. There is a listing of the supported devices here:

Also, you can check this page for compatability also. Sometimes I find community maintained lists are more exhaustive than official ones.

I will say this though, while some devices are supported, they are not optimally implemented. For example, I paired some Sengled ZHA bulbs to Deconz. These bulbs are a little strange in how they do fade to off. The is implemented correctly in my Hubitat Zigbee stack but in Deconz they always turn off with zero fade, no matter what the command. So, depending on the device, your mileage may vary.

I have a bunch of Sylvania Under-Cabinet Edge-lit units paired to Deconz and they work great. Sylvania lights are funny. The ones in Europe are the opposite protocol of the ones in the US. But I thought the US ones were ZHA and Europe was ZLL. But i might have that backwards.

I must have screwed up the Deconz install, I don’t see any lights. And I had issues getting it installed. I’ll try removing it and redoing the instructions. Linux is not my strong suit. Also I have DIYHue running under docker, I’m wondering if I should try and run Deconz in docker too.

You may have problems running Deconz in docker since it needs access to the USB port. Also, make sure you use Host network type for your DIYHue container. Deconz and DIYHue have to have the same IP address. Once you install Deconz, you have to modify the startup script and then you have to actually start the systemclt service. If you don’t know what that is, I can post details when I’m not on my phone. The linking instructions are a little confusing but it does work if you follow them.

When you say you don’t see any lights, where do you mean? In Deconz or Hue? After you installed Deconz, did you pair your zigbee lights to it through the Phoscon app?