Smooth transition with WIZ Bulbs?

Hi! I also use WIZ bulbs in my diyhue setup in addition to the diyhue light strips. When I use a scene via the Hue app, the transitions to the next color are totally fast with the WIZ bulbs. With the LED strips (ws2812b) running on a D1 Mini, the transitions are nice and smooth. Is there a possibility for a smooth transition also with the WIZ bulbs? Or are these not intended for this? Thank you very much for your comments. :slight_smile:

The transition phase is done inside esp8266 firmware. Upon next scene it has some fading.

The udp packages for wiz don’t support a transition value.

But I think you can edit the fade option via the official wiz app.

Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. I have already tried with the time of transition in the WIZ app. Unfortunately, it did not give the desired result. :frowning: I also have two ceiling lights, which I flashed with Tasmota - There I could see the same behavior. The WIZ bulbs have an ESP chip - could I theoretically install the diyhue sketch? Or is the code not designed for this? How is it with WLED, are there the color transitions in scenes similar to the original Hue lamps?

Please excuse my many questions. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Maybe the api implementation for WIZ lights has a bug.

In hue api the transition is set in “transitiontime” key and to have a one second transition this value must be 10. In WIZ i see the transition has the same name, but the value is multiplied by 100. It may be wrong or the api was changed. If the WIZ light use just an ESP8266 chip with not other additional PWM chip for leds control, then you can try (on your own risk!) the firmware from our repo.