Wemos D1 Mini with WLED segments act like just a single strip

(Sorry for the english)
I’ve have a RPi3B, with DIYHUE, working with 6 WiZ bulbs, i can sync my laptop screen with HUE Sync.
I have a strip (Wemos D1 Mini, WS2812B, 125, LEDs) with WLED flashed on, powered by USB.
Can’t make the 6 segments work independently, they are detected individually in DIYHUE, configured in Enterteinment as 6 lights.
But, when i’m syncing with the screen, the whole strip act as a single complete light.
I’m unsure to flash the DIYHUE Light firmware, cause i’m afraid to burn it, i don’t have a dedicated 5v power supply.

I have the same issue with WLED Segments. Did you found some workaround ?

I gave up and flashed the ESP with Lights/ESP8266/Generic_WS2812_Strip/Generic_WS2812_Strip.ino at b555540e7189ba213a0a5ea54621079b18513bfb · diyhue/Lights · GitHub . It works as expected.http://install.diyhue.org