Support for APP Connection, GranBoard


There’s an app called GranBoard that supports connecting with Hue. I’m trying to utilize diyHue to establish this connection, but I’m encountering issues. Could you please assist in integrating it? Thank you
Google play download link

The following is my process.

  1. Initially, the app can’t automatically detect the Hue bridge, but it allows manual entry of the IP address
  2. After entering the IP address, it prompts to press the link button, and this step is successful.
  3. In the settings page, it only provides the option to choose “All Lights.” However, according to other users, it should allow selecting a group of lights created in Hue
  4. After clicking on the settings, it indicates that the setup is complete, and at this point, all lights in diyHue illuminate
  5. There’s another page for additional settings, but again, it only allows choosing “All Lights.”
  6. Upon leaving the settings page, the lights disconnect as they don’t follow the device.
  7. Returning to the settings page, it seems to forget the configuration, and the process starts over again.

I have tried to disable the App’s (Granboard) connection to the internet but still can not work.
Does any one have suggestions on how to move forward with this? Many thanks!

I’ve made some progress.
My diyhue contains three types of lights.
1. Yeelight. 2. Wled 3. z2m lights (tuya)
To simplify things, let’s ignore z2m lights (tuya) because z2m doesn’t originally support them; I added them using a converter. However, it seems they are not integrated well, so I deleted them in diyHue.

For Yeelight: I found Yeelight can sync the device(granboard) but it has significant lag.
For Wled: Wled can only sync the brightness, not the color. For example, when you select a player, you can see the lights responding with breathing effect, but the color remains the same. As for the speed, it is hard to tell.

i suggest using a firmware from diyhue with ws2812 led support. this firmware has all benefits with animation and entertainment area and is actively supported.

i guess you want some action lights per user and score etc…

Thank you for the guidance. It works perfectly with the firmware from diyhue with ws2812 led support! It can sync the device(granboard) with correct color and without lag. Although I need to figure out how to sync/handle my existing WLED lights, at least I have a solid solution!

@sonic43 did you make any progress on this?

I’ve started to go the same way and have an LED strip I’m likely to flash the WS2812 firmware onto (just trying to figure out a way to not lose the “Music” potential of the dig2go.

I’ve never come across anyone else trying to get Grandboard working across a whole room and this is my aim!

sorry, I don’t have any progress. I try to control one LED strip with two esp8266 with different firmware (one is WLED, the other is DIYHUE). But it doesn’t work by justing wiring the LED strip with two esp8266
chips. I guess it should work if I power up only one ESP8266 at a time. But it seems too complicated, so I don’t have any good solution.

So basically right now if the firmware is DIYHUE we are all good, but if the firmware is WLED it doesn’t work.

WLED has a hue mimic, but its only pushing out, rather than pulling in which is sad.

The thing I plan to look at over the weekend is DIYHUE to MQTT to WLED, not sure if this will cause lag etc.