Synology Docker setup not working ... yet! How can cert.pem be missing?

Hi, I’m trying to get diyhue working in a docker container but it keeps crashing with this message reported in the log:

I don’t understand how this file can be missing unless the process of creating it has failed, but I’m in the dark here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I’m using Synology’s Docker app so I’ve translated the CLI instructions into the following inputs. Maybe I’ve got one of these wrong:

These port settings came up automatically, although I’ve changed the port from 80 to 82 to avoid conflict with the Synology web UI.

I’ve created these host folders outside the container as suggested.

Path left unaltered from what came up automatically. These are the IP and MAC of the Synology host

Sorry this post is all split up. As a new user I can only post one image in each post, which is a bit frustrating!

Doh! Two silly mistakes. Where I typed mnt should read opt. And error in the port change 80 to 82: container should be 80, local should be changed from auto to 82. Sorted!

You aren’t going to want to change the port. Hue always works on 80. So any other system you try to integrate with will use 80. If you run in MACVLAN mode you’ll be able to assign a unique IP and use that for the container.