Two Entertainment instances / sessions

Hey guys,

first of all, thanks for the great software! I’m using it with Razer Synapse and Hyperion.NG.

Just a small question, even though I think I know the answer. Is it in any way possible to use to instances / sessions with Hue Entertainment Api? I would like to use Razer Synapse and Hyperion.NG simultaneously but both uses the Entertainment Api.

No not simultaneously.

Just launch another diyhue, bind the second light and have 2 streams running, once entertainment is over you can control both lights via one bridge again.

Hello Mevel.
Can you please explain how to run a second DIYHue Container on the same Server?
Do i have to run it as a bridge ? Will they share the same IP Adress and ports. Currently it is not working for me.

Thanks in advance !

Since genuine apps identifty the bridge by macadress, you would need a dedicated network adapter for each instance.

Hue essentials app is not so picky about this issue


Hue does run on its own and dedicated ports which we adhere to so other apps can interact.

at this time a multi deployment on a single ip / network interface is not supported


I’ve managed to do it now. The solution is to create a new network and map the second bridge to this network.
This gives the second bridge its own IP address and Mac address. I have implemented it with the Macvlan network driver.