Z2M Bulbs not reflecting new names


My recently paired bulbs are showing their IEE Address as their names. I rename the bulbs right when they pair with Z2M and Home Assistant reflects the new name but DIY Hue is stuck with these unreadable addresses:

I don’t see a way to give them a nickname either. How do people keep track of bulbs like this or am I missing something?

I see the file that has all the bulbs, is it safe just to go in there and rename them? Gonna be a pain in the butt figuring out which is which but it’s the best option I can think of.


You can rename the lights from Hue or Hue Essentials apps like you must do with if you have an original Hue Brigde with new Hue lights. To avoid this situation in the future you must stop diyhue when a new light is paired, then rename it in zigbee2mqtt. On startul DiyHue will import the new lights with the updated name.

Ah thanks! I can use Hue Essentials, I see how to do that just need to figure out which is which. Good to know about stopping it while paring in the future. Though I don’t mind DiyHue having slightly different names for the bulbs incase that bridge finds its way into Home Assistant, rather not have a bunch of “_2” light entities…

I didn’t link this bridge to my official Hue app because it wouldn’t let me log in when connected to it and the app was threatening that log in would soon be required which sucks. Fortunately I can create entertainment zones in Hue Essentials which show up when I link the bridge to Hue Play on the PC which is what I use for the mqtt bulbs.