Ambilight+hue and Tradfri


I have a Philips TV with Ambilight+hue feature and I also have some Tradfri color bulbs and a Tradfri Hub.
I managed to get Ambilight+Hue to work briefly installing it on a linux laptop. When it worked the menu on the TV showed three settings for each bulb and one of the options was distance. The next day this didn’t work any more. I had to link the TV with DIYHUE again and now I only have two options for each bulb Angle and Brightness and I cant get Ambilight+hue to work properly with DIYHUE. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I have now installed a new linux computer with ubuntu 18.04 and I am running DIYHUE in Docker. I mange to see the bulbs but only Angle and Brightness for each one and then ambilight doesn’t work. I also did a factory reset on my TV because it always looses it’s connection to DIYHUE and I have to link it again and again and again. DIYHUE and the TV are both on the same network connected on the same LAN.