Bit of a long shot.. LED replacement?

This I a bit of a long shot I know but i hope it could be the place to help me out.

I received for my birthday a Philips hue sync box, hub and play gradient light strip (second hand) Long and the short sync box and hub fully working but the light strip half broken unless you wiggle it/make contact at various points. Could have been sold like this or happens in shipping but as it was a private sale and purchased almost two months ago now a return doesn’t look like and option. Anyway just evaluating my options at the moment, The down steam connection works fine Inc wifi and app connection so my question is, Has any body ever or does anyone have any idea what replacement leds might be inside the play gradient and if not what may be compatible?

Then my follow up question is if replacement is not an option and looking at the price of new replacement .what would you recommend as a suitable diy option for a 65inch tv. For play gradient strips and then possible room for expansion in the future?

Thanks and appreciate the help