Bloody Beginner - OpenWRT

Hi there,

im completly new here and an bloody beginner in Zigbee things…

Would be happy to test with an OpenWRT TP-Link Archer C7v2 (CPU 720 / Flash 8MB / RAM 128)…
Before wasting time&money I have 2 basic questions:

  • Is the hardware potent enough?

  • Would a “CC2531 USB stick” with current Koenkk / Z stack firmware be supported?

CU Frank


Since diyHue Emulator is only a small script it should run fine on your System. Most user run it on a dedicated machine like the Raspberry Pi or similar single PCB computers.

The Stick you mentioned is currently not supported, if it has some sort of API or Websocket endpoint where the data of connected devices is published it should be possible to implement.
Deconz with Conbee Stick is currently supported by diyHue.

Hope that helped.