Cannot Log Into Hue App or Website - "No Bridge Found" - Login Required Soon!

I was able to connect DiyHue to the official Hue app after I used Hue Essentials to add a room with some lights. Before this I got to the screen where it wanted me to press the button and after it said the bridge was connected but the next screen said “No bridge found”. Now that I am in the Hue app I am getting a banner saying accounts will be required “soon”. When I go to log into my account it just says “No bridge found” even though there is a bridge and lights paired to my app. I also tried to setup an account at and I was able to create a home but it cannot find the bridge.

I am also unable to set up entertainment areas in the hue app. No lights show up after I name the area. I have hue bulbs connected via Zigbee2MQTT so I was hoping I could use this feature. I also have some Wiz bulbs faked out as Hue bulbs. The model numbers imported with the hue bulbs from Zibgee2MQTT are wrong but the drop down only has older model numbers in it. Not sure if that’s related but I feel like I should be able to specify the real model number of the actual hue bulbs I am using.

Here is how they ended up importing: