Can't find Phillips Lightstrip Plus light

Hi, I am very new to this! My friend recently gave me the Phillips Lightstrip Plus lights.

  • I went ahead and set up the DIYHue on my Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Downloaded the Hue Essentials app on my phone and managed to connect the app to my “hue hub” on the Raspberry Pi. Everything good so far.
  • I tried to find the lightstrip, but it just does not come up anywhere.

Are these lights compatible with the software? I’m just really lost and not sure what I can do from here. I tried to connect to the raspberry pi hub using Phillips Hue app, but it wants to install an update which fails at every attempt (I can’t seem to proceed any further than that install screen).

Would greatly appreciate any assistance!

Those lights are controllable through Bluetooth and zigbee. DIYHue does not support Bluetooth at all and to control Zigbee lights you have to have a Deconz zigbee module and install that as well as set up the connection. Details are in the documentation online. Without that, you will only be able to find wifi compatible lights that emulate the Hue functionality. Details of what is supported is also in the wiki online.