Connect Tradfri remote and Wemos D1 mini

Hi there,
as I did not success in connecting a Ikea Tradfri remote (the big round one) to diyhue to be able to control a 8266 Wemos D1 mini or ESP32 Wemos Lolin D32 - WLED as software: Is there any step by step tutorial how to accomplish exactly that?
I managed to connect the ESP32 Lolin D32 via the Hue Essentials app. But for the Tradfri remote - no luck. It’s not discovered by the diyhue Hue bridge emulator which I have running on a PC with Ubuntu 20.04 (“host automatic install”).
Any hints?
Best regards

Ikea Tradfri remote use ZigBee protocol. You need a ZigBee adapter for Zigbee2MQTT (recommened) or Deconz.