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I have successfully setup diyhue docker container on Synology.

I get connect and pair to my diyhue bridge. But I can’t detect my hue lights. Do I miss something ?

I have Philips play light bars. I think I need some additional hardware to make it work ?

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You have two options to control original hue products.

  1. Import your Lamps from original bridge Into diyhue and use your genuine bridge as a transceiver. Sensors and switches can’t be imported.

  2. Use a conbee hardware dongle (~35€) by Dresden Elektronik. It is a zigbee transceiver that enables you to talk directly to zigbee devices like the original products including Ikea devices and sensors & switches.

Background info: while Diy lights with esp8266 controller connect via wifi to your network, genuine bulbs and sensors use the zigbee wireless technology that needs a special transceiver.

thanks for your reply.

Does RFXCOM could be use as transceiver ?

If I am not mistaken, rfxcom is for 433Mhz. Zigbee is 2.4Ghz

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